Interchange Medical is proud to introduce one the most advanced "interactive unified communication and collaboration" platform for the 21st century. We call it 3P.NET


What is 3P.NET®? With over 12+ years of development and pilot tests, 3P.NET is ready with its 3 pillars featuring:

  • 1. Telehealth Virtual Medical Center (3P-VMC)
  • 2. World's First Hybrid Multi Media Electronic Medical Record System (3P-EMR),
  • 3. e-Prescription routed to 60,000+ pharmacies (3P-eRx).

Why 3P.NET®?. Designed for Healthcare Service providers, Physicians, Patients, & Pharmacies with sheer convenience and ease-of-use coupled with state-of-the-art technology servicing your healthcare and Rx needs. 3P.NET telehealth is ideal for:

  • Consultations & Education
  • Office or other outpatient visits
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Pharmacological management
  • Psychiatric diagnostic interview examination
  • ESRD - related including monthly capitation payment

3P.NET equates to improved convenience, time saving, compliance, security, cost containment and more. 3P.NET is one of the most secure collaborative systems for the delivery of real time interactive, electronic medical records, and routing your e-Rx to 60,000+ pharmacies.


3P.NET telehealth exceeds U.S. Government requirements. Although in the case of Federal telemedicine programs conducted in Alaska and Hawaii, Medicare payment is permitted in telemedicine when asynchronous "store & forward technology" in a single or multimedia formats, is used as a substitute for an interactive telecommunications systems. 3P.NET offers more. It is an All-in-One system that surpasses any stand alone technology by a wide margin.


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